Apocalypse Rising [1.16.5]


С данной сборкой вам предстоит выжить в условиях зомби апокалипсиса. Она добавит в вашу игру новый тип генерации "Затерянные города", под который изначально и создавалась, массу оружия, механик, как упрощающих, так и усложняющих геймплей, опасных мобов и еще целую тележку всяких интересностей.


Список модов

  • Mutant More (by alexandersfunandgames)
  • Bookshelf (by DarkhaxDev)
  • TRansliterationLib (by tr9zw)
  • Smooth Boot (Forge) (by UltimateBoomer)
  • Zombie Extreme (by pyroplay_twitch)
  • THE UNDEAD (by punpanprolol)
  • Improved Mobs (by flemmli97)
  • ItemPhysic Full (by CreativeMD)
  • Tissou's Zombie Pack (by Tissou)
  • Somnia Awoken (by Su5eD)
  • Macaw's Lights and Lamps (by sketch_macaw)
  • MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (by MrCrayfish)
  • Better Fps - Render Distance[Forge] (by someaddon)
  • Shutup Experimental Settings! (by Corgi_Taco)
  • Total Darkness (by tfarecnim)
  • Tissou's Pillagers are Ganados Pack [1.16 - 1.19.2] - [OPTIFINE] (by Tissou)
  • Realistic Torches (by Chaosyr)
  • MineSafety (by DoubleDoorDev)
  • Antique Atlas (by Hunternif)
  • Curios API (Forge) (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Better Weather (Discontinued) (by Corgi_Taco)
  • Better Animal Models (by cybercat5555)
  • EnhancedVisuals (by CreativeMD)
  • Crafting Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Tough As Nails (by TheAdubbz)
  • Survivalist (by gigaherz)
  • TenshiLib (by flemmli97)
  • Desolation (Forge) (by y4z0n)
  • Architectury API (Fabric/Forge) (by shedaniel)
  • Peat Zombie (by abukkezsaruj)
  • Timeless and Classics Guns (by TheRealClumsyAlien)
  • End Remastered (by jack_bagel)
  • Konkrete [Forge] (by Keksuccino)
  • Obfuscate (by MrCrayfish)
  • Better Animals Plus (by cybercat5555)
  • Farsighted Mobs (Forge) (by Sindarin27)
  • CreativeCore (by CreativeMD)
  • More Zombie Villagers (by Serilum)
  • Enhanced Celestials - Blood, Blue, & Harvest (Super) Moons (by Corgi_Taco)
  • FTB Teams (Forge) (by FTB)
  • Fast Leaf Decay (by olafskiii)
  • Herd Mentality (by DarkhaxDev)
  • FTB Library (Forge) (by FTB)
  • Macaw's Fences and Walls (by sketch_macaw)
  • Polymorph (Forge) (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Macaw's Doors (by sketch_macaw)
  • Fluid Physics [Forge] (by LolHens)
  • Comforts (Fabric/Forge/Quilt) (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Macaw's Furniture (by sketch_macaw)
  • Decorative Blocks (by stohun)
  • Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR)
  • Item Filters (by LatvianModder)
  • CoroUtil (by Corosus)
  • Falling Leaves (Forge) (by Cheaterpaul)
  • FTB Quests (Forge) (by FTB)
  • AmbientSounds 5 (by CreativeMD)
  • Corpse (by henkelmax)
  • Campfire Overhaul (by ZanderMeister)
  • First Aid (by ichttt)
  • Patchouli (by Vazkii)
  • The Lost Cities (by McJty)
  • Macaw's Bridges (by sketch_macaw)
  • Cloth Config API (Fabric/Forge) (by shedaniel)
  • Titanium (by Buuz135)
  • Nutritional Balance (by Danny_and_Son)
  • AppleSkin (by squeek502)
  • Locks (by Melonslise)
  • Krypton Reforged (by TeamDeusVult)
  • Sound Filters (by Tmtravlr)
  • Fishing Overhaul (by pitbox46)
  • Prelaw’s Improved Falling Mod (by PrelawAverage5)
  • Dynamic Surroundings (by OreCruncher)
  • Rigoranthus Emortis Reborn (by PlatinumG17)
  • Mob Sunscreen (by Kreezxil)
  • CameraOverhaul (Forge) (by Corgi_Taco)
  • Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Bad Mobs (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Hud Compass (by gigaherz)
  • Serene Seasons (by TheAdubbz)
  • Ping (by Girafi)
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)
  • Zombie Horse Spawn (by Serilum)
  • Dynamic Trees - Quark (by supermassimo0310)
  • Dynamic Trees (by ferreusveritas)
  • Macaw's Trapdoors (by sketch_macaw)
  • Blueprint (by TeamAbnormals)
  • Wall-Jump! [FORGE] (by genandnic)
  • Quark (by Vazkii)
  • UnionLib (by Stereowalker)
  • MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod (by MrCrayfish)
  • In Control! (by McJty)
  • Sushi Go Crafting (by Buuz135)
  • City Modernities (by Renared_688)
  • Starter Kit (by Serilum)
  • Fish's Undead Rising (by fish0016054)
  • TZP Plus Mutants (by Tissou)
  • Zombie Awareness (by Corosus)
  • IguanaTweaks Reborn (by Insane96MCP)
  • Mutant Beasts (by Chumbanotz)
  • Not Enough Animations (by tr9zw)
  • YUNG's Better Caves (Forge) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
  • AutoRegLib (by Vazkii)
  • Supplementaries (by MehVahdJukaar)
  • Moonlight Lib (by MehVahdJukaar)
  • Passable Foliage (Forge) (by Snownee_)
  • Farmer's Delight (by vectorwing)
  • Macaw's Roofs (by sketch_macaw)
  • Scalable Cat's Force (by Kotori316)
  • GeckoLib (by ThanosGecko)
  • Eating Animation [Forge] (by matyrobbrt)
  • Simple Voice Chat (by henkelmax)
  • City Blocks (by Hallzmine)
  • Two Players One Horse (by Beethoven92)
  • AI Improvements (by QueenOfMissiles)
  • FastWorkbench (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • FancyMenu [Forge] (by Keksuccino)
  • Security Craft (by Geforce132)
  • Survival Overhaul [ABANDONED] (by anIceyGirl)
  • InsaneLib (by Insane96MCP)
  • GoProne (by Alpvax)
  • Hardcore Revival (by BlayTheNinth)
  • FTB Backups (Forge) (by FTB)
  • Collective (by Serilum)

Как установить Apocalypse Rising

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  2. Скачай сборку
  3. Распакуй файл в .minecraft
  4. Готово

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